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Redditors Create a List of Video Game Soundtracks That Help With Focus, Studying

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What’s Your Favorite Video Game Soundtrack?

For many of us, music is an essential part of life. And for those of us who play video games, we know just how essential a good soundtrack is to a successful game, instilling in us feelings of victory, fear, and hope.

Studies have shown that music has unique ways of affecting the brain, and depending on type of music, we can be emotionally aroused and mentally stimulated. In the case of video game soundtracks, the enticing orchestrations, often repetitive melodies, and typical lack of lyrics all make the music ideal for listening to in a variety of situations.

Redditors were asked to name some of their favorite video game soundtracks for focusing and studying, and this is what they came up with.

video games intro

Source: Imgur/ Soilborn27

Is your favorite video game soundtrack on here?


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Composed by Jeremy Soule. His Elder Scrolls soundtrack was also a popular vote.

SimCity 3000

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Composed by Jerry Martin.