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Redditors Discuss the Human Design Flaws

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Can we built a better us?

If the Olympic Games taught us anything it is that the human body is capable of amazing, gravity-defying things. Women who are less than five feet tall are able to do flips and splits on a four inch wide beam as well as swing around a bar. Meanwhile I can’t even do a chin up or cartwheel. But when we put our mind to it, we are able to achieve incredible feats of strength.

However, our bodies aren’t perfect. I’m sure you’ve encountered some annoyances that you wish were different about the way you are formed. Take for example the fact that many of us have imperfect eyesight. Meanwhile a mantis shrimp’s eyes has better color vision, and they can see infrared, ultraviolet, and have polarized light vision. Neat, huh? So what else about us meat bags could be better? The people of Reddit gave their observations.

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Are you your own pet peeve?

Mouth breathers

man chocking on chicken wing

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We breath through the same hole we eat from. which means we can easily choke and die. (gearing_art)

Voices Carry

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Fun fact: your voice box’s (larynx) primary purpose is to protect your lungs by stopping food, drink and saliva going down the wrong way. Your voice is actually a secondary purpose. (HMCetc)