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Redditors Discuss What They Would Do If They Were the Opposite Sex for a Day

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What Would You Do?

If you had the opportunity to spend exactly one day as a member of the opposite sex, what would you do with your time?

Face it: we’ve all thought about it. The idea of switching bodies has been around for years, and we’ve seen it wind up as a comedic shtick in numerous movies and TV shows.

From our earliest years, the opposite sex is a mystery. We’re raised knowing that something is different, though we may not entirely be sure just what this difference is. As the years go on, stereotypical societal divisions begin to pop up, from what color clothes we can wear to what type of toys we can play with, and the gender divide grows even larger.

Then, one day, the moment comes along and most of us finally realize exactly what is going on with the other sex.

Regardless of what we do and don’t know about men and/or women, mysteries still abound, so the opportunity to spend even 24 hours inside another person’s body remains a fascination many of us share. Redditors were asked what they’d do given the chance, and this is what they came up with!

sex change bad luck brian

Source: Reddit @lobsterknuckles

So much more than fondling (but actually still mainly fondling).

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

sex change bar flirt

Source: pixabay

dressing up mildly suggestively and visiting a bar, to see if guys really are as sleazy as we’re told we are. (Gay_For_Gary_Oldman)

Baby Daddy

sex change pregnant belly

Source: flickr

try to get pregnant so I can see what happens when I become a pregnant man the next day (Dicks4feet)