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Redditors Reveal: Movie Scenes That Gave You the Chills

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I Can See Dead People.

The movie industry has remained enormously successful for nearly a hundred years purely because of the unique and ingenious ways that films tap into our innermost dreams and desires and take us away to foreign cities, lands, and planets. Whether focusing on familiar and daily human drama or exploring wild plots we’ve never experienced before, movies never cease to surprise us.

Among the hundreds of thousands of movies in existence, the best and most memorable are those with the actors, scripts, and scenes that make them impossible to forget.

From learning that *YOU KNOW WHO* was a ghost to the great reveal that *OH MY GOSH* was actually his dad, plot twists and unexpected revelations as good as these have us coming back time and time again.

movie star wars

Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd./Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. / Photofest

How many of these scenes gave you the chills?

dstat81: The introduction of the TRex in the first Jurassic Park.

Starting with the infamous cup of water ripples, then the leg of the goat and finally when the rex breaks thru the fence and roars.

You knew the movie started right there.

The Godfather

movies the godfather

Source: Twitter @MundialesFrikis/ Paramount Pictures

reservoirsmog: When the baby is being baptized and the Five Families heads are being taken out.