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Redditors Reveal The Shadiest, Scummiest Thing They’ve Done

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The rapscallions of Reddit.

We’ve all done things that we weren’t supposed to do. Sometimes you get caught and have to apologize or get punished for your actions. And sometimes, you get away with it. Those instances where you don’t get caught can be liberating in a strange way, or perhaps they will eat at you until you finally crack and have to tell someone. Luckily, the internet is a safe haven to which you can bare your soul without repercussion (as long as you keep your information anonymous).

These Redditors reveal the worst things they’ve done that no one else knows about. Hopefully they keep their usernames a secret so no one finds out the identity of these scalawags .

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Do you think they’ll ever get caught?

Token Trouble

Arcade Token

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“When I lived in philly, I was told by a friend that Chuck E. Cheese tokens worked as slugs for the SEPTA (transit system). Actual SEPTA token were nearly two dollars, while Cheese tokens were .25. We’d go every couple weeks to the nearest one and get transportation money for 12.5%. Sorry, guys. I don’t live in Philly any longer, so I can’t speak as to whether this still works.”


Porn for Music

rumors woman shushing

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“Funded my entire cd collection in middle school by selling porn mags I… um… acquired from a local literature store. When they got a new month’s shipment in, they were kept in boxes in the loading dock area in the back of the store until they were put on shelves. The back was always unlocked and right off a side street I walked down every day. I would just step in when the coast was clear, grab a backpack full, and book it. Kids paid crazy amounts to get their hands on a Hustler, but my record was $80 for a single issue of Penthouse Letters. This was in the early days of dial-up Internet, so you can understand how desperate us teenage boys were.”