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Redditors Share Their Worst Job Interview Answers

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“I sometimes find that in interviews you learn more about yourself than the person learned about you.” – William Shatner

There are two things in life that intimidate me: going on a first date and going for a job interview. While I’ve had plenty of experiences with the former, the amount of pressure and professionalism involved in a job interview makes me sweat bullets. I get all tongue tied and lose any confidence I might have had. Most of us have probably thought we have fumbled some answers at an interview at some point, but take solace in the fact that your answers weren’t as bad as the following people’s.

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My greatest weakness? Job interviews.

Maybe You Should Prepare Your Answers…

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BeIow_the_Heavens: “‘What do you think is your greatest weakness?’ This guy’s face adopts one resembling concentration, thinking real hard, and he’s like ‘is that a trick question? I hear you guys do that to weed people out’…I tell him no, and he continues thinking…only to tell me that ‘I don’t think I have any weaknesses…’ I STILL encourage him to come up with one, just because at this point I want to just see what he says…and he tells me ‘OH! Being on time!’

Not So Subtle Jokes

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crabbyshells: “Question: ‘If you disagreed with the instructions given to you by your supervisor, how would you handle it?’ Answer: ‘Well if it was my current supervisor, I’d ignore her instructions and just do it my way! She’s an idiot! Hahaha!'”