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Redditors Talk About the Awful Scenes That Ruined Good Movies

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So Good

spider man 3 symbol

Source: flickr

Everybody is doing superhero movies, so here’s the pie scene from Spider-Man 3. Now this a scene I have examined very closely, perhaps too closely, but it’s one of the most bizarre sequences ever set to film [….]

This is the response of a man who is truly loving his pie, in fact loving his pie with a greater intensity and passion than most of us will ever feel about anything in our lives. This is the greatest single moment of acting in James Franco’s career, he will never top this. It is glorious. And like everything else, this joy makes little sense with the rest of the scene [….]

We can see as the truck goes by that Harry mysteriously disappears. Also a fellow diner, as confused as the audience is, turns around to see what happened. Based upon the situation and the location of the characters, there is no way Harry escaped the way he did, it’s like a magic trick… for no reason. (BlueHighwindz)

So good. (Gloom_Witch)

Trash Is Trash

silent night deadly night 2 poster

Credit: Silent Night Releasing Corporation

GARBAGE DAY (Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2) (DailyBugleEditor)

His eyebrows are ten times the actor the rest of him is. (LupinThe8th)

He said worst scene ever, not best. (ILOVEGLADOS)

Top That

teen witch poster

Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/ Trans World Entertainment

The rap scene from Teen Witch (falconbox)

This is like if you asked 80 year olds write and direct a ‘cool’ scene with teens. It’s just unreal. (Titan7771)