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Redditors Talk About the Weirdest Thing They Have Ever Walked In On

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Haven’t you ever heard of KNOCKING?

Life is made up of stories, and those include the good, the bad and the ugly.

Often, some of life’s greatest or worst moments are unexpected and the surprise factor can engrain them into our memory for all time.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever walked on? Did it catch you by surprise, or did you know something may have been going on behind closed doors? Perhaps you were the one who got walked in on, which can be equally as scaring.

Everybody has a good ‘walking in on’ story, so when Redditors share their best (and worst) moments, you know you won’t be disappointed…

walk in on man opening door alexnroll

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Surprise! Here are the weirdest thing Redditors walked in on…

Countin’ Kittens

walk in on cats musical


dancingbanana123: I woke up to four cats in my room. I only own two.

Waterboyman11: why does this never happen to me

The Suite Smell of Surprise

walk in on angry business meeting

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bjb13: Co-worker and I were on a business trip. He walked into his room and there was a business meeting going. His dirty clothes were strewn around the room as he had left them. The room was a suite with a conference table in it. The hotel had let someone use it without realizing it was his room. Needless to say they were very apologetic to him. Gave him a large fruit basket and comped his room for the week.