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Redditor’s Talk About When They Caught Their Ex’s Cheating

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Infidelity: It Could Happen To You. Are You Prepared With The Ultimate Reaction?

Maybe it’s happened to you, or maybe you’re lucky enough to only have seen it in movies. But whatever place infidelity takes in your life, you probably have a pretty good idea of just how devastating it can be to catch your significant other doing the dirty with someone who’s not you.

Recently, a Reddit user took to the message boards wondering if people had caught their S/O’s cheating before, and, if so, how did they react to the situation? Needless to say, the responses varied from shocking, to hilarious, to terrifying.

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Calling the cops is a drastic but effective way to get what you want.

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My mom came home to our old farm property to find my ex step-dad porking his girlfriend in the front yard. On their 35th wedding anniversary. She called the cops and had them both removed. — Redditor @takhesis

Of course, if the police don’t work out for you, you could always haul in the big guns.

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One of my co-workers ran into her then-boyfriend’s house to get her phone charger before work. She walked into his bedroom and found him in bed with another woman. She then took a picture of them in bed, and SENT IT TO HIS MOTHER. — Redditor @chillhoneybunny28