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Redditor’s Talk About When They Caught Their Ex’s Cheating

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This angry cheating victim took the walk-of-shame to a WHOLE new level.

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My girlfriend, was unable to grab anything before I threw her out. She was completely naked and from what my friends have told me, she was walking/hiding for an hour or two before she was able to find a pay phone. — Redditor @KINGofKING89

Is confrontation not your thing? KEEP READING for some advice on how to handle a cheating S/O via the path of least resistance.

That awkward moment when you catch your girlfriend cheating but you’re uncomfortable with confrontation:

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Caught gf making out with another guy at a party. Literally just walked away and we never spoke again. Looking back I am proud I didn’t cause a scene or resort to violence. — Redditor @PM_UR_Boooobz

What to do when your BF ain’t even being subtle about it…

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Lol he cheated on me while I was right next to him, setting up other dates with girls on his phone. I guess he wanted me to break up with him so he could say he’d been dumped by an unreasonable chick b*itch to his new dates? Beats me. — Redditor @84th_legislature