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Redditors Tell What Event Divided Their Life Into Before and After

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What event changed you forever?

How do you measure you life? In years? Weeks? Moments?

Some events in our life will divide our existence, permanently altering our perception of time and self, and forever leave a mark on our experience on this planet.

These moments could be good or bad. In fact, they could seem terrible at first, and make us feel the lowest we’ve ever felt, but after time, we might realize that they were blessings in disguise.

Redditors were asked to share the moments that definitively split their lives in two, and while many of them begin as sad or traumatic, most people went on to discover a new, stronger side of themselves. Keep reading to see their inspiring stories.

stanford rape survivor hope

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What moment marked a new beginning in your life?

New Beginnings

cake fails drugs

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My clean date. I’m a recovering drug addict. (MattMightBeDrunk)

Moving on Up

Man with cash

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My first non-minimum wage job. The difference a little bit of disposable income makes is insane (acampbell1990)