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Redditors Tell What Event Divided Their Life Into Before and After

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Silver Linings

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My first seizure and epilepsy diagnosis… I was kicked out of the Air Force, temporarily had to leave my aerospace engineering studies. Caused me to meet the love of my life. Changed my perspective of the world. And a whole bunch of other things. (SmootherPebble)

The Betrayal

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Mine was when the doorbell rang on an October evening and when I opened it, I was handed foreclosure papers, seemingly out of the blue. My husband of 30+ years had turned off the mortgage auto-pay (out of his account, not a joint account) without telling me. Over the ensuing 18 months, he’d kept mail from me, gave people wrong phone numbers, yada yada. Diverted all communication coming to me from the lender. He undoubtedly forged my signature as well.

As was our habit, every month I transferred the same amount of $$ into the joint account to cover whatever. I paid the bills I was responsible for, he (hypothetically) paid what he was responsible for and the joint account was for joint debt, holidays, etc. In the end, I lost my house, my credit was destroyed, and I’ll never know what happened to the ~$25K I’d transferred into the joint account over that time period.

I moved out the following June, took nothing but my clothes. It’s 6 years later and I’ve never been happier.

When someone you’ve been with that long f**ks you over that badly, there’s no going back. There simply is no justification for or forgiveness of such protracted, calculated deception.

Message me if you like – but even if not, please know that creating a new life can be liberating and fun. The concept is scary, but the reality is totally doable. Good luck! (KnowKnee)

The Body

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When my then boyfriend of 6 years committed suicide in our living room and I found him. 7 years later I have a new life and married a wonderful man, but that thing won’t ever disappear and there’s no single day that the horrible image doesn’t appear in my mind for at least one second, some days longer and regrets and questions run through my mind. Since then I have to deal with anxiety, which I have almost 100% controlled but I will never be the same as “before”. (ninguen)