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Resumes That Made Recruiters Chuckle but Didn’t Get People the Job

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So…Did I Get the Job?

Everybody who’s gone through the process of trying to get hired knows just how challenging and frustrating the search, resumés, cover letters, and interviews can truly be.

The seemingly endless undertaking forces you to criticize your own worth, doubt your own capabilities, and scrutinize if you’ll be a good fit in any field, and it certainly doesn’t help that friends and family are constantly questioning if you’ve gotten a job yet or not.

Still, not everyone takes the application process as seriously as they probably should. Just keep reading to check out some of the most hilarious resumés we could find. They might not (and probably won’t) get the job, but at least they’re having fun along the way. Even recruiters and HR couldn’t help but crack up at some of these!

bad resume desperate marker

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Does your resumé look like these?

Tupac to Pass Up

bad resume tupac watermark


No, it doesn’t even matter what this person wrote on their resume. The Tupac image in the background is an automatic interview, if not full hire. Do not pass “Go,” do not collect $200.

All That and a Bag of Chips

bad resume prince without princess


According to this applicant, he’s “run with the bulls and tangoed with the queen. I am a prince without a princess and an angel in disguise. I spread smiles to creatures great and small. I once swam the Pacific Ocean to test my endurance and ability, it took me five days. I charm crocodiles, iguanas and bees have known me. I’ve scaled the Empire State building, hiked the Appalachian Mountains and mapped the Sahara Desert. I spend my spare time constructing suspension bridges in my back yard using only paper clips, some ribbon and bubblegum. Later I disassemble them with my teeth. Children love me, elders adore me, and I have no enemies. Once I solved the meaning of life but forgot to write it down. I am a skydiver; thrill seeker and the captain of my underwater bowling team. I am famous for making lions laugh. I enjoy providing quality service and keeping people and their environment in harmony