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Ride the Snake: A Brief History of an Emoji

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Sometimes a snake is just a forked-tongue serpent and sometimes it’s T-Swift

Do not mess with Kim Kardashian. I will say it again, DO NOT MESS WITH KIM. She is a force majeure, the power broker of the elite and a badass b*tch. If you cross her or throw shade at her family, she will take. you. down. We all know this, but, apparently, Taylor Swift didn’t believe it. And now look where she is: on the ground, squirming around in the dirt… like a snake.

One perk to being an major celebrity is the prowess to adopt an emoji and making it your own. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna did it with the clover, Beyoncé has the bee and lemon, and, when Taylor tried to cooked up some beef with Kanye, Kim threw the snake at her. Now Swift’s IG is so filled up with serpents that Samuel L. Jackson wouldn’t get near it.

The snaking got so wild that Instagram purportedly blocked the emoji from Swift’s account. And now that Sahara Ray, Aussie model and designer, is dating Bieber, people are throwing the snake at her too. Will IG have to ban it from her account as well? And has the emoji gotten too powerful for its own scales?

Tswift Snakes

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The snake got a strangle hold on Swift

The Snake

Katy Perry Hilary Shirt

Source: Instagram @katyperry

Snakes are legless, carnivorous reptiles that lack eyelids and external ears. Really? Yes, no eyelids. A snake is also the sixth sign in the Asian zodiac, and has existed in world mythology since before the ancient Greece. Ouroboros notably got caught up chasing his own tail, there was that one in the bible that corrupted all of mankind, and Medusa rocked a head full of them, which was a pretty good look for a while.

In many Western cultures, snakes are associated with the underworld, dishonesty and even the, you know, male sex organ for whatever reason. Some West African and East Asian cultures considered the snake a symbol of wisdom, but that’s not how it was meant when it started to suffuse Swift’s Instagram. It all started when Swift revealed that she had she wrote the lyrics to Calvin Harris’s “This Is What You Came For” after their breakup. Katy Perry came to Harris’s defense—because he really needed it—and started to toss snakes at T-Swift’s IG. Fans joined in and things got out of hand in the best sort of way.

Sahara Ray

sahara ray waterfall

Source: Instagram @sahara_ray

Months ago, snakes started slithering into Australian model and swimsuit designer Sahara Ray’s Instagram. Occasionally interspersed with the poop and thumbs down emojis, IG trolls accused this goddess of being a slithering serpent. More recently, users with Bieber-related handles spayed her IG with the serpent.

Ray even posted a picture of a white snake, attempting to reappropriate the now-canonized symbol of venial hostility with the caption “Need? I’m in love,” but not before disabling the comments on her grams, leaving followers powerless to publicly and anonymously shade her.