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‘Robocop’ and Other Illegal Baby Names

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What’s in a Name?

With thousands of names to choose from, it’s hard to pick the perfect name for your baby. Not to mention, times have changed since we were babies, so some older names may be too passé for a new generation. Today, names are more creative and unique, which makes it even harder to pick!

Names like Ashley, Jessica, and David are becoming extinct and overlooked. Make way for names that don’t require many letters, or names that require the entire alphabet. But be careful, certain names are banned in some countries.

Though it may sound crazy, hundreds of names across the world have actually been declared illegal by many governments, including within the United States. Is your name illegal in other countries?

Baby names

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Start the slideshow below to see what names made the list, and then SHARE! Would you give one of these names to your child?


illegal baby names facebook

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If you live in Sonora, Mexico, you’re not allowed to name your child after the ever-popular Facebook.


illegal baby names robocop

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Sounds like they’re picky in Sonora! The name Robocop is illegal there, too!