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Ronda Rousey Speaks Out About Suicidal Thoughts After Big Loss

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Fans React

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Ellen and the audience commended Ronda’s efforts to speak out, but her fans felt a certain type of way.

TMZ caught up with the Ronda and asked her how people have been responding to her confession. She told them, “I feel like there’s been an overly negative light on [discussing suicidal thoughts]. It’s something real people are going through, not something like a weakness that we should condemn.”

A History of Suicide

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Ronda let us in, saying that her family has a history of committing suicide. Both her father and grandfather took their own lives. Because of this, she feels people shouldn’t keep their feelings bottled up, but instead admit them in a cry for help.

“It’s really heavily affected our family … anything I can do to make sure it affects as few people as possible, I’d be happy to do that,” she told TMZ.