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Sad “Fun” Facts

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Debbie Downer in her truest form

Factoids are interesting and come in handy when trying to impress people at parties or on a first date. But what about factoids that aren’t so much fun? While these may bring the party to a halt, they are good to know. Put them in your pocket for later when you want to get out of a social situation. These bummers are courtesy of the smart folks at Reddit.

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Get ready for some bummers!

Strange customs

feet in morgue

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“You may have heard that South Koreans have a superstition called fan-death, where if you keep a fan on too long it will kill you. The history of its origins is much darker. When people committed suicide and the coroner had to determine cause of death, they would say it was death by fan. This is to save face of the family and not cause them shame. It eventually became a superstition and one that westerners find funny.”

More than just memory loss

older woman with memory loss

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“You can die from Alzheimer’s by means of your brain forgetting how to chew, swallow, breathe, etc.”