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Saint West Has A Twitter Account – And So Should Your Child

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There IS A Case For Social Media

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Obviously, Kim and Kanye are just keeping the social handles on hold for Saint, not so he can use them, but so that if and when he wants to, WAY in the future, he has well-branded options. In 2015, social media is already an enormously important asset to an individual’s personal, social, and professional life. Just imagine how much more important it will be in another 15-20 years, when Saint is grown up and actually using his social media accounts!

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The Magic of Branding

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So let’s talk simple logic: companies invest millions of dollars in research and design surrounding their brand, and the psychology proves that people are attracted to simplicity and intentional design. Think of your child as an individual in the professional world 20 years from now — having a simple, full name as a username on social media is much more appealing and hire-worthy than “@john_smithhh07”

There’s Really No Reason NOT To!

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Another reason you should create these accounts for your child now? There’s absolutely no commitment factor. Especially if your child is very young, there’s going to be a VERY long window of inactivity on the account until they’re old enough to use it — IF THEY DECIDE TO DO SO. There is absolutely no danger to your child’s security by having a blank profile with no connections sitting in cyberspace. Just keep doors open — it doesn’t mean you have to use them right away, or at all!