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Samuel L. Jackson Just Changed These Famous Movies Forever

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Frankly, My Dear . . .

“The thing about Sam Jackson is that he can make anything his own,” says Late Show host Stephen Colbert. And that’s just the start of a hilarious idea from Monday night’s program.


Since rising to fame in the early ’90s, Samuel L. Jackson, as much his looks as his voice, has become a staple actor in Hollywood, often associated with a no-BS attitude we’ve come to know and love.

Stephen Colbert had the hilarious idea to take advantage of the actor’s recognizable personality in the funniest way, and now you’ll never think of your favorite movies and lines again.

See them below in all their glory!

Lions and Tigers and Bears!


In a stint on Monday night’s Late Show, the actor read out some of Hollywood’s most iconic movie quotes, from Dirty Dancing to The Lion King, giving each one his distinctive flair. He starts off with Gone With the Wind, and it’s practically all uphill from there.

Jackson Takeover

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Watch the clip here. Which one is your favorite? I think he could have done the Princess Bride quote a little better, but hey, this guy has more talent in his pinky than I have total, so I’ll just let the master do his thing.