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Santa’s Celebrity Naughty List for 2015

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Walter Palmer

naughty list walter palmer

Source: Twitter ‏@MRLB8965

You might not know him by name, but the Minnesota-based dentist was responsible for killing the beloved Cecil the lion back in June. While Palmer, a big game hunter, had the necessary permits, his guides are still under investigation for luring Cecil from a sanctuary in order to hunt and kill him.

Palmer’s face was then plastered across the internet and he was defamed for his murderous, and questionably illegal, act. Luckily, Cecil’s death inspired stricter hunting laws, and more lions were recognized as endangered or threatened.

Steve Harvey

naughty list steve harvey

Source: Twitter @NYDailyNews

Imagine winning the biggest contest of your life. Imagine that all of your hard work and dedication, literally years of your life, all paid off. Imagine being the most beautiful person in the entire universe. And then imagine a portly guy with an unsightly mustache taking it all away.

Steve Harvey’s little flub in the Miss Universe pageant last week made international headlines after he accidentally proclaimed Miss Colombia the winner instead of Miss Philippines. While he begged forgiveness from the contestants and the audience, Santa might have to side with the rudely dethroned Miss Colombia on this one.

Donald Trump

naughty list donald trump

Source: Twitter @mashable

A showman at heart, Trump might not be as terrible as he has made himself out to be this early in the campaign trail. And yet, his xenophobic, racist, sexist, and downright hateful comments have brought out the worst of American elitism and ignorance, making us all look worse to the rest of the world.

Make a fool of yourself, and Santa doesn’t care, but make an entire nation look foolish, and you’re landing a spot on Santa’s Naughty List.

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