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Save the Last Dance: People Share Their Wildest Prom Stories

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Everyone lives for prom.

It seems like there are usually two ways that people experience prom if they go during their time in high school. A lot of people find it to be one of the best nights of their lives, while others discover that they come to regret going in the first place. While it’s supposed to be a magical night of romance between high school students as they wrap up the year, it can turn out to be the craziest night ever, or the most disastrous.

We discovered some pretty epic stories of people’s prom experiences on Reddit, and decided to round up some of the wildest stories that users had to share.

couple for prom

Source: Instagram @anacucutazija

Which of these wild prom stories can you relate to?

The One Who Went Solo

Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur

“Got turned down by 13 girls. Finally found a date and she cancels on me three hours before. Went stag and it was awesome. Who am I kidding, it sucked.” –WhatAreYouPlanning

The Oblivious One

will ferrell prom

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“Hindsight is 20/20. I was so socially awkward that I made up the excuse of being too poor to afford prom tickets. This girl kept trying to give me her own money so I could “invite a girl” to prom. I kept saying I didn’t know any girls and she said “you’re thinking too hard about it!” Eventually after refusing all day to accept the money, I found it hidden inside a pouch on my backpack. I took it out, and put it back in her bag. We didn’t talk about it again. Looking back, Im 98% sure it was her way of inviting ME to prom, and I was too dumb to notice it.” –Dunnlexx