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Scariest Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Question Everything

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Are We Alone? Do We Exist?

These are some of the questions that haunt us as we try and live our daily lives.

All around us at all times, there are theories and thoughts that we could choose to dwell on, or otherwise choose to ignore. After all, ignorance is bliss.

Think you can handle the paranoia? The following list of scientific theories and philosophical questions will have you rethinking life and the way you live it.

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Sixth Mass Extinction

conspiracy theories sixth mass extinction

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Throughout the Earth’s history, there have been a series of “mass extinctions” brought about like catastrophic events such as the supposed asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs and 75% of all other species. The last extinction event is believed to have occurred about 443 million years ago, and it destroyed 60-70% of all species.

Many scientists now believe we are in the early or middle stages of the sixth mass extinction (though some theories say that have been at least 20 such events and not just five), with humans bringing out our own demise as we pollute the planet, reap more than we sow, destroy other animal’s natural habitats and populations, and make the Earth less hospitable.

The Great Filter

conspiracy theories great filter

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Similarly to the sixth mass extinction, the Great Filter is a key theory in evolutionary studies. This theory questions our abilities, achievements, and potential as humans, forcing us to wonder if we are on a path towards survival and advancement of our species, or if we’re on our way out.

In short, the Great Filter proposes that all species advance until they reach a key determining point in their evolution and succeed or die off. As far as we know, no species on Earth has ever made it past the Filter, so that leaves us with three possibilities:

-We are unique and have already passed the Great Filter, and we will continue to advance, peaking as our species learns to harness the energy of the stars.
-We are the first species to come close to passing the Filter because now is the first time that cosmic and biological situations have allowed a species to come this far.
-The Great Filter still lies ahead of us, meaning that passing it will be harder than we ever could have imagined given how far we’ve advanced without reaching it. This scenario most likely implies our eventual extinction.