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Scariest Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Question Everything

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The Fermi Paradox

conspiracy theories fermi paradox

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Many of the theories on this list are related to the Fermi Paradox, in one way or another. At its core, the Fermi Paradox questions whether or not intelligent alien life exists, and if it does, why we haven’t heard from it yet (or at least why we haven’t realized we’ve heard from it already).

Based on scale and probability, the Paradox merely asks “Where is everybody?”

Though there are many worthwhile explanations, one of the most famous scenarios brought up as a retort typically involves explorer Francisco Pizarro or a new highway. Put simply, if we are building a 10-lane highway and the construction happens to pass an anthill, what do we do? Do we destroy the anthill? Does it affect our construction plans at all? Or do we completely ignore the anthill, build our highway, and allow both the ants and drivers to continue living in peace? Since the ants could in no way comprehend what a 10-lane highway is, does it really matter?

Now imagine we’re the ants. Perhaps advanced intelligent alien civilizations have already been around us, or are near us at this very moment. If they’re truly so advanced, we might not even be able to understand it, so they just don’t bother us to begin with. Thoughts?

Higher-Dimensional Beings

conspiracy theories high dimension

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Similarly to the Fermi Paradox, this theory implies that aliens might be all around us, only we don’t have the senses to pick up on their presence. We live in three dimensions, but if there were a species capable of existing within a fourth dimension, they could be totally invisible to us.

Likewise, as someone without eyes could not see, and someone without ears could not hear, perhaps our species lacks a physical trait that prevents us from experiencing stimuli that exists outside of our capabilities.

Brain in a Vat

conspiracy theories brain in vat

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Is anything real?

This theory understands the following:
-The brain is the source of all consciousness
-The brain can function on just electrical impulses
-External stimuli affects the brain
-External stimuli could stop the brain from distinguishing what is “real” and what is just being projected

That being said, “you” might be fake, a merely projection that some machine with external electrical stimuli is projecting into your brain, which is actually just floating in a vat somewhere, being tricked into “living” or imagining everything you experience.

My head hurts.