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School Asked Parents Not to Wear Pajamas While Dropping Off Kids so She Did THIS

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In her letter, Miss Chisholm asked parents to “take the time to dress appropriately in day wear that is suitable for the weather conditions” in order to “set our children a good example about what is appropriate and acceptable in all aspects of life.”

no pajamas school letter

Source: Twitter @UKolizer

Needless to say, some parents were outraged by the letter, which they felt criticized them on a personal level.

Shortly after, when running late, mother Karen Routh unapologetically showed up at the Academy in her pajamas, saying, “Wearing pajamas is probably better than somebody wearing a short skirt and showing the back of their behind.”

no pajamas school 3

Source: Twitter @UKolizer

“I’ve seen people go in what I would class as not appropriate wear like belly tops and short skirts and things like that. So what’s the difference between them wearing those sort of clothes and [the school] saying ‘Right, you can’t wear that’ as opposed to saying to somebody you can’t wear pajamas?”

In an interview, Ms. Routh explains that she wasn’t trying to protest the letter, but she does think the school should have bigger priorities than nitpicking parents’ outfits.

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“I think it is more important […] if she wants to focus on what the parents wear is to maybe focus on not necessarily pajamas but maybe what other things they wear, and who is she to say that the parents have to wear particular clothes?”

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