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School Supplies from Your Childhood That Are Now Obsolete

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Floppy Disks

school supplies floppy disks

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If you showed a floppy disk to most schoolchildren today, they probably couldn’t even tell you what it was, even though it’s often associated with the “save” option on computer software.

Developed in the late ’60s, these babies revolutionized the computer industry, and they may have been the easiest way to store and transport computer data and files when you were in school.


school supplies encyclopedia

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Although most people would still picture an impressive collection of the Encyclopaedia Britannica on a library shelf, Google and Wikipedia have virtually replaced the need to flip through hundreds of pages to find out information on assorted topics.


school supplies dictionary

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Similarly to their encyclopedic companions, dictionaries are pretty much unnecessary for any student today with an internet connection. Though you or I might remember entire classes dedicated to learning how to use a dictionary back in the day, today’s students are lucky enough to be able to look up any word they desire on the internet, and voilà. Same goes for thesauri.