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School Supplies from Your Childhood That Are Now Obsolete

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Maps and Globes

school supplies map

Source: Twitter @MonicaKonrath

Montenegro and Serbia, Kosovo, East Timor, and, most recently, South Sudan have all gained the status of sovereign nations since 2000, with the latter declaring independence in 2011.

If you were in school anytime before then, say goodbye to any maps or globes you may have used. Heck, I still remember using maps that had the USSR on them well into the 2000s!

Non-Graphing Calculators

school supplies calculator

Source: Twitter @showatell

If you’re taking advanced math courses and your homework calls for you to graph some equations, you’re still going to need those bulky calculators so many of us remember having to buy.

But if you just need to perform some simple calculations, kids today are more likely to pull out their phones than a regular old calculator, and since they’re probably already playing music and texting on it, why not?

Tapes and Tape Recorders

school supplies tapes

Source: Twitter @WoodChoppinTime

If you ever needed to record something for music class or any other subject, you probably had cassettes and recorders handy to do so. Most kids today can just pull out their phone and record whatever they need on there! Good luck even finding a car or radio with a cassette player these days.