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Scientific Charts Break Down ‘Star Wars’ Like Never Before

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Use the Force, Luke… and Graph Theory

The Star Wars ‘universe’ extends far beyond the seven movies most are familiar with, spanning books, video games, short stories, and fan fiction consisting of over 20,000 characters featured over 36,000 years.

So much more than Luke and Leia, researchers at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne university in Switzerland used the computing mathematics of graph theory to analyze the many pieces of Star Wars canon, and their results show us a whole new side of the galaxy.

Any idea what this graph represents? Keep reading to find out!

star wars intro

Source: K. Benzi/ LTS2/ EPFL

Here are their findings:

This first graph shows that out of over 20,000 characters (7,500 of which play an “important” role), nearly 80% are humans, according to PhD student and project lead Kirell Benzi.

star wars species

Source: K. Benzi

Conducted at the Signal Processing Laboratory 2 (LTS2), 78% of the total “identified” population of characters are human. This project is the result of over two years of work by Benzi and his team.

This next image depicts algorithmic relationships between the characters. Disconnected clusters mean that the characters (largely in the Outer Rim) only interact with themselves, whereas characters towards the center of the galaxy are more interconnected.

star wars light side

Source: K. Benzi