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Scientists Confirm Sea Levels Rising Faster Than They Have in 2800 Years

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“We can say with 95 percent probability that the 20th-century rise was faster than any of the previous 27 centuries.”

Climate change and global warming may not be accepted by some scientists and politicians, but rising ocean levels has been a cause for concern for decades.

Since 1993, sea level rise has been estimated to be at a rate of between +2.6 and 2.9 millimeters annually, not to mention a noted accelerated change in recent years. The United States Global Change Research Program 2014 National Climate Assessment projected that within the next seventy-five years, we could see ocean levels rise as much as four feet.

Now one new study has conclusively found the rate of sea level rise to be faster — and more frightening — than ever.

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The rise, according to research, is anything but natural, and you can guess who’s to blame.

Previous research on the subject had already shown that the past century has seen an anomaly in global temperature and sea level rise unlike anything the planet has seen in the past thousand years or more.

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Climate researchers at Penn State University found a “hockey stick” pattern while studying global temperature that has since become synonymous with human-fueled climate change. Their graphs found relatively stable temperatures over the past few centuries until a sudden and sharp incline rose up over the past few decades.

Hotter temperatures directly correlate to sea level rise for two major reasons that we’ve directly observed in the 20th century.

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Major contributions to higher oceans over the past hundred years were melting mountain glaciers and the fact that water naturally expands when warmer. Researchers fear what effect the ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland may have should they continue to melt.