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Scorned Lovers Getting Revenge on Their Cheating Partners Remind Us That Cheaters Never Win

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Caught in the Act

Have you ever been cheated on? Or maybe you’ve been a cheater at one point or another in your life.

People cheat for countless reasons. Highest among them are physical or emotional boredom in their current love life or otherwise because of anger or hatred, whether directed at themselves or their partner.

Unfortunately, when people act upon said frustrations and go so far as to cheat, the harm spreads to multiple people, and scorned lovers are people that you never want to cross. On the following pages, you’ll find hilarious but also heartbreaking examples of both men and women that found out they were being cheated on and took to social media to exact their revenge. Some of these are absolutely savage!!

caught cheating its complicated

Source: Imgur/ dgfox

See how these scorned lovers exposed their cheating partners!

In Flagrante

caught cheating in flagrante

Source: Imgur/ dgfox

He can hide his face but not his shame.

Lost and Found

caught cheating nightie

Source: Imgur/ dgfox

“Hey ladies! I found this between the headboard and mattress of my boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend. He says he has NO IDEA who it belongs to. Size small, from Target. Please share this post, I just want to make sure it gets back to its rightful owner. If it’s yours or you know whose it might be, give George —- a call at ———- Thanks!”