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See How Reading Helped One Homeless Man Change the World

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In this story, one man’s passion and selflessness lifted him from poverty.

Dladla Pavement Bookworm

Source: Instagram @onecampaign


One homeless man’s incredible story has been circling the internet and inspiring people around the world. While Philani Dladla was living on the streets of South Africa, he began reading voraciously, and decided to turn his hobby into a business, selling books to drivers passing on the street.

Dladla added a personal touch to his business, reviewing the books for his customers, winning him the title “The Pavement Bookworm,” among many other nicknames used by locals. Now, The Pavement Bookworm has written his way from being homeless to being a published author.

The title of the book is “The Pavement Bookworm,” and the memoir follows 24-year-old Dladla’s struggle with drug addiction and homelessness and shows how his love for reading grew and spread, becoming something wonderful. When he started his business selling books to people stuck in traffic, he used the money to help other homeless people.

Today, Dladla runs his self-started Pavement Bookworm reading foundation, which inspires children to read by bringing good literature into their lives. Dladla has been recognized for his achievement by the South African government. Look out for his book at the end of October!

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