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SexEd Teachers of Reddit Explain the Stupidest Question They’ve Ever Received

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The last one is my fave, no lie.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I was in school, my teachers always encouraged their students to ask questions. “No question is considered dumb,” they said. Well, these teachers a bit different. In a Reddit forum, a number of Sex Ed teachers revealed the stupidest question they’ve ever gotten. But before you think this post is about making fun of real students, Mollymonkey101, who actually posed the question, wanted to make it clear that these are actually questions from adults.

“To those commenting that no question is stupid in a sex Ed class, I think the fact that adults asks these questions are a testament to our education systems. Too many schools naively preach abstinence instead of admitting that many of their students are sexually active and getting them properly educated so these questions don’t get asked and everything is open and clear.”

Yeah, that makes it way worse. When I was in high school, we briefly had a sex educational course, but then again, that was in the early 2000s (DON’T do the math). I’m not sure what the schools are doing now when it comes to sex ed, but by the look of these questions, they need to add it to their curriculum, STAT.

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They tell the craziest questions and stories they’ve ever heard…

One Position

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My mom was raised in the Soviet union, there was no sex education. She got pregnant at 17, married my dad etc. We started talking about sex ed and she blurts out “I was so stupid that I thought you only got pregnant if you’re in a certain position.” Cue horrified face and drop of subject. (yuhnah)

Not For Food

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When I was about 12/13 I asked my Sex Ed teacher if people could get an orgasm with food, she answered me that it would depend on where do you put the food. I wasn’t expecting that…(Asmcb)