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Sexy Men, Meet Your Cat Matches

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What makes a man good looking? Bone structure? Good hair Toned muscles?? Piercing eyes? Whatever you taste is in men, we can mostly agree on when a man is handsome. But what about when a good looking guy knows he’s good looking? He poses for photos looking mysterious or brooding. These pics make for great eye candy for lots of people, but there’s just something missing.


With the recent extreme adoration of cats on the internet lately, it seems like those furry felines can do anything. Including modeling like some of the handsomest men on Earth. Check them out doing their thing better than real men.

hot dude and cat 09

Source: Imgur


Hot dudes vs. cats: Who posed better?

Let us pray

hot dude and cat 01

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Hard to declare a winner here. But the treat would go to the cat.

Bath time

hot dude and cat 02

Source: Imgur

Another win for the cats. Those eyes, doe!