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She Ordered Furniture but eBay Gave Her This Instead…

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“That’s what you get for shopping on eBay.”

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Source: YouTube @jacqueline johnson

Oh, eBay, how we love you, and how we love this story.

One woman got MUCH more than she bargained for after successfully ordering some dining room furniture off of eBay, the online bidding website. Instead, what should have been a fairly straightforward delivery and assembly process turned into the experience of a lifetime.

Upon receiving two large boxes labeled ‘FRAGILE’ in the mail, Becky Smith of England thought that her table and chairs had finally arrived, but when she opened the packages, she was in for a rather unpleasant surprise: 40 bags of fish.

And her shock and anger in the video below is probably exactly how I’d react if it were me.

In the video, Beck has already discovered her surprise package, so her friend Jacqueline decided to film her hilarious reaction.

One has to wonder while watching if this was staged to go viral, only because we don’t know how long Smith had known about the fish for before watching. Her reaction seems genuine to me, though, and she alters between states of shock, anger, and fits of laughter.

This is probably one of the most epic online shopping mixups I’ve ever heard of. I would just be so stunned if anything like this ever happened to me. Then I’d probably try and sell them to the local dentist’s office. I love how she starts contemplating buying a tank for all the little fish.

The second most shocking thing besides the whole, you know, 40 bags of accidental fish, has to be how this lady speaks in front of her children. Notice around :41 the little girl even repeats some of the foul language and no one says anything about it! Looks like an interesting household to me.

What would you do if this were you? SHARE and let us know! Video is a little NSFW because of language, but it’s GREAT for laughs!

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