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She Put her Phone Down To Watch Her Children, And What She Saw Left Me Speechless

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How Much Screen Time Do Your Kids Get Every Day?

As the parents of the first generation that will grow up with an iPhone in every hand (and only more technology as things get more advanced in the future) it’s hard to know exactly what balance we should strike between allowing our children to partake in “screen culture” and turning the screens off for some much-needed real-life interaction.

two little girls playing with an iPad


This concept is nothing new — parents have been limiting the time their kids spend watching TV for as long as TV’s been around. But one thing that many haven’t considered is how our own use of technology impacts our children.

One California mom decided to test a theory she had by putting down her phone and observing her own two children. What she found out contains an important message about technology and parenting.

Keep reading to learn what this mom did to take matters into her own hands!

With Little Data On Long-Term Effects Of Technology On Kids, One Mom Took Matters Into Her Own Hands

This is Brandie Wood. One day Brandie was using her phone at the table while er 4-year-old twin boys played nearby. When she noticed them glance up at her every so often, she decided to put down her phone and grabbed a pen and a piece of paper. She had an idea that she thought my produce some interesting results.

As Her Kids Played, She Recorded How Many Times They Looked Up At Her

One tally mark for every look. Brandie noted that there were a variety of reasons her boys might be looking up at her — some glances were seeking her approval or disapproval of their behavior, some were just to check that she was still in the room, but regardless, it was clear that the boys were watching her like hawks, even when their attention was seemingly elsewhere.