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She Put her Phone Down To Watch Her Children, And What She Saw Left Me Speechless

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28 Times The Boys Looked Up At Their Mom

Source: Facebook @Brandie Wood

Source: Facebook @Brandie Wood

In just a short time, Brandie Woods had tallied 28 glances from her children. In a heartfelt post to her Facebook wall, Brandie sent an important message about what it would mean to her children if those 28 times they looked up at her, she had been looking at her phone instead of at them.

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“28 times my angels would have wondered if the World Wide Web was more important than them”

Today I did an experiment, I watched my boys play. As I sat quietly in the corner of the room I tallied how many times…

Posted by Brandie Wood on Monday, November 2, 2015

Brandie’s message clearly resonated with parents all over the country, and her post soon went viral. Probably the most important lesson we can takeaway from this creative mom’s experiment is to “Please put down your technology and spend some time with your family & loved ones. The next generation of children is counting on us to teach them how to be adults, don’t be too busy on social media, you never know who is watching and what message you are sending.”

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