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She Texted 17 Former Hookups for Valentine’s Day and You Have to See Their Responses

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Alone on Valentine’s Day, blogger Victoria Ivana decided to do something a little different.

As many of us know, it can be pretty hard to meet people, and even harder to come across that special someone. Especially when living abroad, surrounded by a new and foreign culture in which we might stick out like a sore red, white, and blue thumb, falling in love just isn’t easy.

As self-described on her blog, American expat Vic Ivana is “fresh out of college and don’t know what the hell I’m doing.” Having spent the last few summers in Dublin, Vic is well-versed in the pub scene of Ireland’s capital city.

In that time, she’s also exchanged plenty of phone numbers from lovers-who-weren’t that she’d meet at a bar, perhaps dance with, share a kiss, and then never speak to again. Such is life.

Whereas most of us would stick true to the essential part of never speaking to these semi-strangers again, Victoria decided to have a little fun this past Valentine’s Day by texting 17 of these old flames and wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day.

valentine's text intro

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The other responses are hysterical.

With a name like Penguin Erector, you wonder how this guy ever got away.

valentine's text 1

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Add me on LinkedIn, though.

valentine's text 2

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Though friendly at first, Penguin Erector quickly steps up his game and goes so far as to insult his current girl in favor of Vic. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!