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She Thought Her Waitress Was Exceptionally Nice…Then She Saw Her Racist Snapchat

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“Racism never died…”

It all seemed so normal. A group of friends went to a Cheddar’s Restaurant after church one day, had a good meal and fine service, then left. It was what happened while they were eating, in another part of the restaurant, that made headlines.

At a time when racial tensions in America are at a fever pitch, everyone needs to be especially attentive to their own biases. Especially on social media, where hate speech can spread like wildfire. The Cheddar’s waitress waitress was perfectly nice to the patrons’ faces, but, behind their backs was acting a whole other way. Here’s the sordid story.

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Racism behind the counter.

Sunday Dinner

Source: Facebook @Chelsea Mayes

Source: Facebook @Chelsea Mayes

It was any Sunday in Tennessee when Chelsea and her friends decided to eat at a Cheddar’s. That was their first mistake. They report that their meal was fine, and their waitress seemed pleasant. Chelsea said, “She was a great waitress. She did a good job, made jokes with us, laughed with us. We had a good time.” They tipped her generously because she was nice, and exited the restaurant. But they couldn’t believe what happened next.

Snapchat Venom

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In their small town, news travels fast and everyone knows everyone. Chelsea received a message asking if she had seen a salacious Snapchat. The friend sent her a screenshot of the Snap that everyone was talking about and realized that she was its subject. She was dumbfounded.