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She Thought Her Waitress Was Exceptionally Nice…Then She Saw Her Racist Snapchat

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Bad Service

Offensive racist snapchat

Source: Snapchat @haybrown90

The waitress from the restaurant apparently posted the above Snap while the group was enjoying their meal. She claims to be hungover and not happy about having to serve a certain table, which she refers to using a racial slur. Chelsea knew it has her that the waitress was slandering for whole world to see. But instead of passively accepting the waitress’s racism, Chelsea decided to use social media herself to expose the digital racism.

Racism Still Lives.

chelsea mayes response

Source: Twitter @CallMeDimplezz

Chelsea published the waitress’s nasty Snap along with a letter that said in part, “The funny part about this was she was ‘friends’ with one of us that sat at this table. She smiled laughed and joked with us all as we enjoyed our meals.” She then tried to comprehend how someone could be so two-faced.

Hate in their hearts

chelsea mayes response

Source: Facebook @Chelsea Mayes

Chelsea continued, “No matter how much you love and joy you spread, there will always be someone with hate in the heart towards you, regardless if it’s in your face or when you leave. It’s up to you how you handle it.” And Chelsea did handle it when she said this…