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She Wants The World’s Smallest Waist. Here’s What She’s Done To Get It…

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More Facial Surgeries

smallest waist 3

Source: Facebook / Pixee Fox

– Cheek Injections: $7500
– 4 Nose Jobs: Over $28K

Before Rib Removal

smallest waist 4

Source: Facebook / Pixee Fox

After the first milestone in her transformation, Pixee decided to get her nose and boobs done again for a more extreme look. She also got lip fillers and began a rigorous diet to achieve the look she wanted. She began wearing a corset around the clock while planning more extreme procedures, including the rib removal.

Almost There

smallest waist 5

Source: Facebook / Pixee Fox

Finally at a place where she’s confident, Pixee takes it to the next level. Here she is two weeks before her rib removal surgery.

She says she’s surpassed her Tinkerbell stage, and looks more like Jessica Rabbit.