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Shower Thoughts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Now this is deep.

How do you spend your time in the shower? Maybe 10% cleaning, 30% singing, and 60% lost in deep, profound thoughts that seem to fade away shortly after toweling dry?

The shower or bath is where we philosophize on some of our greatest thoughts of the day, before heading off to work, school, taking care of the kids, or whatnot. And shower thoughts are some of the more interesting, eye-opening types of thoughts around.

What do you ponder about when the warm or scalding hot water is pouring over your body? Where does your mind take you when you’re left to wonder?

Here are some great shower thoughts from redditors that will really get your brain going today…

shower thoughts BeThoughtfull

Source: Twitter @BeThoughtfull

“If you own zero dollars, then you are richer than 80% of Americans…” Keep Reading!

Panic! At the Supermarket

shower thoughts panic

Source: Twitter @HRPSBurl

tdawg1911: The only time I’ve ever used the panic button on my car key is when I accidentally press it, causing me panic.

Nose goes.

shower thoughts zombie bite

Source: Twitter @TheMollystar

GowayBaitlin: What if a human bite turns zombies back to normal but no one in the apocalypse has ever tried it.