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Simple Things You Had to Explain to Adults

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Apparently common sense isn’t so common.

If we know something about life, it’s that you never stop learning. We’ve all made mistakes and had our “dumb blonde” moments, but these moments are what make us human. They give us lessons to learn and moments to laugh at. Every so often, however, you come across a person that has misconstrued or misunderstood something that is so far gone, it’s hard to believe they made it to adulthood. Some users on Reddit started a thread of stories about “the most simple thing you’ve ever had to explain to a fully competent adult” and we compiled our favorite ones in this gallery! Disclaimer: You might lose a little of your faith in humanity.

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Onward to some of the biggest face palms we’ve seen yet!

Baffling Electricity Bill

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She refused to understand why her electric bill was higher in the winter.

“That doesn’t make any sense, you’re an idiot, I told you I NEVER TURNED THE THERMOSTAT UP! Jesus, would you listen?!”

“Ma’am, I understand that you did not turn the thermostat up, but it gets colder outside in the winter.”

“I know it gets colder in the winter, you smartass!”

“When it’s colder outside, your furnace has to work harder to maintain the same temperature in your house. That uses more electricity, so your bill is higher.”

“But it shouldn’t use any more electricity, I never turned the heat up! Why aren’t you listening to me?!” (RaspberryBliss)

Not So Simple(fied)

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I was helping my little brother with math homework (maybe 3rd grade?) and he had gotten a question on it wrong because he wrote 1/2 and the teacher said the answer was 5/10…I emailed his teacher and she insisted that the two fractions weren’t equivalent. After explaining that one can simplify fractions, her mind was blown. This was a teacher at a public school. (murray99)