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Single Dad Masters The Art of Hair Styling for 3-Year-Old Daughter

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He’s earned his “Best Dad Ever mug”!

I like to believe there is no such thing as a “boy job” or “girl job.”  Despite advertisers on television telling us that only women clean the house or that dad’s work in yard, we live in an age of increasing gender equality. This is especially true when there is no mom in the picture to do “mom stuff.” Case in point with this single father who had to learn how to do his daughter’s hair.

gred and izzy

Source: Imgur @ atelier19

Check out his skills!

Bangs are easy, right?

dad cutting daughters hair imgur

Source: Imgur @ atelier19

Meet Greg and his adorbs daughter here, Izzy. The Colorado-based dad said he had no clue about doing his 3-year-old daughter’s hair after he split with Izzy’s mom. He documented his attempts as it was his very first try at cutting bangs, which just about any girl knows is tricky.

Not bad!

gred and izzy

Source: Imgur @ atelier19

Here is daddy and daddy’s girl. Greg admimts the only thing he knows about hair is shaving his own head, which is the exact opposite of what Izzy probably wants. Coincidentally, he works at Intelli-Tec College, which offers cosmetology classes.
The only thing Greg admitted that he knew about hair was that he only would shave his head So when he and Izzy’s mom split up he inquired about Cosmetology classes at IntelliTec College, where he is an admissions representative.