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Single Drop of Blood Soon to Be Enough to Diagnose Cancer

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The research is simple: blood platelets contain very unique RNA markings that hold information about tumors as they play an important role in tumor growth and metastasis.

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In patients with cancer, specific RNA patterns can be identified in the blood, thus allowing doctors and researchers to distinguish between healthy patients and those afflicted. The amazing news is that, according to early research, the platelet tests worked with up to 96% certainty.

Through this new method, which is still in its early phases, researchers studied blood samples from over 200 cancer patients, and the results were promising.

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The blood tests showed researchers not only the presence of cancerous cells, but also which type of cancer, and if and how it had metastasized to other areas of the body. There was a 71% accuracy rate of identifying the origin point of six different types of tumors, including from breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and pancreatic cancer.

When developed, this diagnosis method could be fast, cheap, and widely available to the public, helping us find cancerous cells and start working on therapy and treatment much sooner than many people are able to do at the moment.

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