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Skinned Alive: This Boy’s Skin Falls off With the Slightest Touch

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Your heart will hurt

All physical and mental afflictions are heartbreaking. While most patients don’t want pity, it’s hard not to feel bad for those in pain, especially when it’s innocent children who are affected. But the immense bravery these kids have astounds us adults. Take for example Jonathan Pitre, 16, who is also called “Butterfly Boy,” who suffers from Epidermolysis Bullosa: a severe skin condition where his skin constantly blisters and tears off. Want to know more about Jonathan’s condition? Even though it might be too much for some viewers, we urge you to learn more about this amazing boy and raise awareness of EB.

butterfly boy with mom

Source: YouTube @Barcroft TV

Learn about EB and how Jonathan copes with it

Butterfly Children

baby picture of butterfly boy

Source: YouTube @Barcroft TV

Those affected with Epidermolysis Bullosa are extremely delicate, like a butterfly’s wing—hence Jonathan’s nickname “Butterfly Boy.” While you probably haven’t heard of EB, it effects 20 in every one million children. The science of this disease: there is a defect in the layers epidermis that creates friction between the dermis. Because of this, the body blisters and tears. If you’ve ever had a blister break open, you can just barely begin to imagine how painful it is to deal with this all over your body. Added to the condition is that there is no real cure. Furthermore, those with serious cases of EB rarely live to 30 years of age. There are different types of EB as well as subtypes and other serious side effects.

Your New Hero

butterfly boy without shirt

Source: YouTube @Barcroft TV

It’s easy to give up when life hands you something tragic, but some people are so strong and brave that they inspire multitudes of people. Whether you’ve had a hard life or an easy one, we all need heroes to guide us, motivate us and even make us more humble. Jonathan Pitre, of Russell, Canada, is one of those rare people. His body is ravaged and frail, but his spirit is unbelievable optimistic.