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15 Smartest People in the World

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10. Philip Emeagwali

Emeagwali is a Nigerian-born engineer and computer scientist with an estimated IQ of 190.

9. Ruth Lawrence

smartest people ruth lawrence

Source: Twitter @myTOMKINS

Though her IQ is unknown, Ruth Lawrence was a child prodigy who graduated from Oxford University at the age of 13. She is now a mathematics professor at the Einstein Institute of Mathematics in Jerusalem.

8. Garry Kasparov

Russian Garry Kasparov, opposition leade

(Photo by Stephan Agostini/ AFP/ Getty Images)

Kasparov is a former World Chess Champion and political activist, working as an opposition leader to Vladimir Putin. Many consider him to be the greatest chess player of all time. With a reported IQ 190, he sits on the Human Rights Foundation.