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Soldier Thought He Was Boarding a Regular Flight Until the Pilot Comes Out

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Get ready to grab the tissues!

Fourth of July is rapidly approaching and people across America are gearing up to celebrate our great country’s independence with BBQs and fireworks. While it’s fun to have a day or two off in the middle of summer, we sometimes forget that the only reason we have these days is because of the countless number of troops that sacrificed their lives for us to become and continue to be free.

One of the most moving videos you can watch on the internet is a solider coming home safe and sound to his family. This moment is so incredibly special that no matter how many videos we see, it brings a smile to our face and tears to our eyes. While we might not know these brave men and women, the pride and support we feel for our troops makes it seem like they are our family too.

Usually, the videos are the soldiers surprising a wife or husband, children and or parents, but rarely do we see the soldier getting surprised. This time, a father turned the tables and the moment is one you don’t want to miss!

Mario Lopes father and son seeing each other for the first time

Source: YouTube

I’m getting weepy just thinking about it.

Flying High

Soldiers on board a flight in good spirits

Source: YouTube

We can’t imagine a flight in better spirits than one filled with soldiers coming home from deployment and this flight was no different. As soldiers filled the seats of a flight coming back from Kuwait in April, there were two very special guests on board.

Risky Business

Father and Son Mario Lopes reunited on flight from Kuait

Credit: Mario J Lopes

Capt. Mario Lopes, a Washington D.C.-based pilot with United Airlines, knew his son, First Lt. Mario Lopes, was scheduled to come home from a nine month deployment on April 14th. When he learned that there was an opportunity to fly a military flight to Norfolk Virginia that same day, he knew he had to seize it. Because military flight information is classified, it wasn’t a guarantee that his son would be on this flight but the Captain knew he had to take the risk.