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Someone Ranked Cereals From Best to Worst and the Internet Can’t Handle It

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What’s for breakfast?

When you were growing up, did your parents make you eat healthy breakfasts, or were you allowed to buy whichever sugary cereal you preferred? And as an adult, do you skip breakfast, stick to the healthy stuff, or keep eating the same cereal you did as a kid?

Walking through the grocery store, the cereal aisle is one place you’re sure to see children fighting with their parents, sneaking the most colorful boxes into their shopping carts in hope of taking home the best brand.

What’s your favorite cereal? Are you passionate about it?

Blogger erikadprice felt compelled to rank popular American cereals from best to worst, and her bizarre choices are driving the internet insane — all in the name of breakfast.

cereal intro

Source: Tumblr/ erikadprice

How could anyone possibly agree with this ranking??

God Tier

cereal 1

Source: Tumblr/ erikadprice

Already, the list should raise some questions for anybody who grew up eating deliciously sugary American cereals. For example, what are Smorz? These babies didn’t even hit shelves until 2003, and they were discontinued for a few years, which just goes to show they can’t really be that great. And Frosted Mini Wheats? A “God” cereal? Really?

As user danyoyo said, “Whoever made this, you don’t love yourself.”

(Good call on Reese’s Puff though.)

Top Tier

cereal 2

Source: Tumblr/ erikadprice

There is a clear favoritism for honey in the Top Tier that can be seen in the bias for Golden Grahams, which everyone knows could never rank this high.

Importantly, user kvng-god asked, “Did a Scorpio make this list?”