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News Station Mistakes ISIS Symbol with ‘Star Wars’ Reference

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ISIS Has Released a New Video from Its Base on Yavin 4…

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Source: Twitter @kanciller/ Star Wars

Whenever we watch the news, read something online, or even hear something from a friend, chances are we trust the sources we’re hearing.

Unfortunately, even credible news stations aren’t always as trustworthy as we’d like to think. Millions of unsuspecting homes were accidentally showed some rather humorous information earlier this week on a popular Spanish news program, La mañana.

Their error? Oh, you know, they just used the Rebel Alliance logo from Star Wars thinking that it was the symbol of ISIS.

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Episode I: The Phantom Morning Show

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Source: TVE/ Twitter @ElHuffPost

TVE, the national, state-owned public television broadcaster in Spain, controls all of the country’s public television and radio emissions through its many programs.

Earlier this week, however, some sloppy research led a popular morning show, La mañana, to broadcast the Rebel Alliance logo from Star Wars with some Arabic writing below it in lieu of the actual symbol for al-Qaeda in a segment about the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Both terrorist groups have been making headlines all week for last Friday’s deadly attacks in Paris, as well as for threats made against other cities across the world.

Episode II: Attack of the Clowns

Naturally, Spanish viewers who were keen enough to notice the error immediately took to social media to lampoon the error. Whether they were dedicated Star Wars fans or just knowledgable about current events, a fair amount of people realized the mistake that the morning show made. They were inspired to make memes like the one above, which shows Luke Skywalker chanting “Allahu Akbar,” an Islamic phrase meaning “God is the Greatest,” commonly heard in the Muslim call to prayer.