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Spotted: Amy Schumer and Blake Lively Enraged!

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What are these two up in arms about?

Hey, rumor lovers, gossip guardians, and scandalmongers,

It’s Dish Dude here, and do I have news for you. One of my many sources, reported:

Spotted: Amy Schumer and Blake Lively outraged! But why, you ask. Well, reports are still coming in, but we imagine the meet took place at a Manhattan news kiosk. Amy was dragging herself home hungover from a night of wine throwing and raunchy sex (complete speculation), when she ran into Blake coming out of a Juice Press after a double at SoulCycle (again totally making this up).

But now these two potential frenemies, are teaming up for real. Why you ask. Find out…

blake lively

Source: Instagram @blakelively

This is only the beginning

The Schumer Response

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Credit: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Amy Schumer, Upper East Side royalty, was forced out of the city when her father went bankrupt; she fled to Long Island (though it might as well be the Ozarks). Now she’s back (or has been for almost a decade and a half) and is full of rage.

Everyone knows Amy: if not for her eponymous TV show, then for writing, directing and acting in Trainwreck and generally building a career on being a train wreck. Who doesn’t appreciate her parodic and innovative portrayal of femininity and #basiclyfe? Maybe just Blake?

But when Amy saw the cover of Girl’s Life magazine, she exploded. Her response: simple “No.” Gram, Mic drop.

But what did Blake have to say…

Blake Gets Lively

blake lively

Source: Instagram @blakelively

Blake Lively, 29, is an alien-like beauty. Like, if she descended from a flying saucer right in front of you, you would probably vote for her for president even though she wasn’t running. Descended from a lineage of West Coast entertainment industry hobnobs, she maybe just be the target of everything Amy mocks.

We all know her from, guess what, Gossip Girl. But how did Blake react to Amy’s gram?

This habitual belle of the ball couldn’t help but stand in like indignation. Her response to the Girl’s Life cover? She joined Amy’s outrage, reposting her gram with this caption:

“Wow. @amyschumer I second that emotion. Ladies, let’s not let this happen anymore…”

But what was on the cover that so offended these two unlikely allies?