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Spotted: Amy Schumer and Blake Lively Enraged!

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Girl’s Life

girls life mag

Source: Instagram @amyschumer

Word is the covers were all about perpetuating gender stereotypes.

Girls’ Life was covered in hooks like “Fall Fashion You’ll Love,” “My First Kiss,” and “Wake up pretty!” Typical media, encouraging girls to focus on beauty, boys, and fashion.

And Boys’ Life—titled “Explore Your Future” with pictures of stealth fighters, beakers, and fireman hats. This is just too much! At least be subtle with your oversimplified indoctrination of gender roles. Come on.

So what are these powerful ladies teaming up to do about it…

Fighting Back

Armed Women

Credit: Keystone/Getty Images

Well, for now, Blake’s just reposting Amy’s gram. But could this be the start of a muscular alliance of unholy beauty and wit? Will these ladies will be standing up to gender stereotypes, hungover, and worked out. Is the start of the biggest news ever? We will see…

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